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Neil MachinNeil Machin sculptureNeil Machin - Girl holding brolly

Neil Machin

3-D Artist

Begelly House Woodcarving Studio
SA68 0XE

Tel00 44 (0)1834 812 322

Wood Sculptures

Neil Machin is a wood sculptor who has carved from an early age, undertaking commissions from as far afield as the United States and Australia.  One of his most memorable commissions has been to create a life-sized grizzly bear for a lady in Cheltenham to use as a hat-stand!

Neil was originally apprenticed as a joiner and these skills helped him to develop his unique technique of jointing wood, allowing him to create dramatic, life-sized sculptures. He is inspired by the scale of the marble sculptures of the Great Masters which has driven him to emulate the intricacy of their work, but adding the warmth of wood.

However Neil is not limited to one style, and he lavishes a similar amount of care and attention to detail on each piece - whether it be the sinews of a galloping horse or the folds of an umbrella blowing in the wind.

His purpose-built studio, adjacent to an 18th-century gentleman’s residence, is open every Tuesday and Friday to view the range of traditional and contemporary sculptures.  Neil also runs courses which provide a unique carving experience for total beginners to expert woodworkers; contact him for further details.

Work displayed at:

Studio at Begelly House: open Tuesdays and Fridays, 9.30 am – 5 pm (or at other times, by prior arrangement)