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Dawny Tootes - Amulet (studio view)Dawny Tootes - sketch for ThroneDawny Tootes - Starlet

Dawny Tootes

Artist / sculptor

Flat 2
SA41 3QF

Tel44 (0)1239 831 826 / 44 (0)779 111 2704 (preferred method of contact)

Dawny has developed a foundry technique for exploring molten metal as a free-form process in its own right.  This medium gives her no choice but to work quickly and intuitively, as the moment the liquid leaves the crucible it quickly begins to solidify.

There is only a certain amount of control she can hope to gain over this mesmerizing silvery medium.  Its intense heat, the roar of the furnace and the pounding of her heart all add to the often unpredictable but totally captivating experience of creating this type of sculpture.

By salvaging and recycling metals, she is developing a visual vocabulary that flows between abstract, figurative and botanical forms, which compose a dialogue commenting on sustainability from a creative viewpoint, within an emotional and environmental context.

Current exhibitions:

Oriel Canfas, Cardiff

St. Dogmaels Gallery

Own studio gallery in early stages of development.