About Us

Pembrokeshire has a lively arts scene with some of the best work in the country being produced here and a wealth of small independent galleries to show it. Despite being ‘on the edge’ in many respects, the arts in Pembrokeshire have a vitality to match more concentrated clusters such as St Ives and Brecon.

However, the dispersed nature of Pembrokeshire’s artistic community produces challenges – both for the artists themselves and for those art lovers who are interested in finding out more about them.

ARTists PEMBROKESHIRE is run by a group of local artists, and its aim is to promote the work of artists and makers in the county. This virtual arts centre, with the help of the e-publication ARTicle, is steadily becoming a focal point for the arts in Southwest Wales. It’s found a new and sustainable way to combine the separating distances within Pembrokeshire using a web-based format rather than physical proximity, and is succeeding in raising the profile of the artistic community in this unique corner of the world as well as providing a valuable resource for those visiting Pembrokeshire as a cultural-tourism destination.

We hope you enjoy your virtual visit – why not come and see us on the edge soon?

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