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Dear Info@ARt,
I am assisting a local Pembrokeshire WW11 veteran age 94, with his memoirs. These detail growing up in Pembs during the depression, foraging for wild food both plant and animal. His war experiences included being wounded on D-Day. He chronicles his adventures fishing and shooting after the war, the rescue of trapped fishermen at Pendine and dangerous work on building sites. He explains that he never spoke of his war time service until a council official antagonised him, when exploring the reason for condensation in his home. As a result, he threw his war time experiences into the person’s face. This was overheard by friends who then encouraged him to speak out at public venues. Since then, he has never looked back and has spoken at all the schools in Pembrokeshire. He also regularly attends various military functions as a guest in the UK and Europe. He has been decorated by the UK, French and Dutch governments.
His memoirs take the form of anecdotes which do not purport to be a treatise on military strategy but detail how he coped with the situations he found himself in.
Would you know of anyone who might be interested in line drawings to illustrate his book? I have approached a publisher but need to complete the work and provide illustrations before submitting a precis for consideration.


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