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Linda Norris


Oriel Linda Norris Gallery
SA66 7LB

Tel44 (0)1437 532 580 / 44 (0)777 340 2129

When Linda first came to live in Pembrokeshire 15 years ago, she painted in the open air – getting to know the colours, the changing qualities of the light, and the structure of the landscape.

Now, working in her studio, she draws on the detailed observations made in her earlier work and uses her memories of light and colour as source material.  Her work has moved from being tied to the subject to being more an abstract expression of the spirit of the place.

Linda has an emotional relationship with landscapes that are on the edge of things – and the Pembrokeshire coast is just that.  The ever-changing quality of the light renders the landscape constantly alive, and the sea is so much a part of this – it can be densely grey in the morning and bright turquoise in the afternoon.  Linda finds it a liberation to work with this dynamic landscape and try to express something of its essence.