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Warren S Heaton - UnnamedWarren S HeatonWarren S Heaton

Warren S. Heaton


Oriel Fach
21 Main Street
SA62 6UU

Tel00 (44) 1437 729268

Warren says:

'Trying to capture nature’s ever-changing light has its own inherent challenges, and painting outside in Pembrokeshire in the wind and rain has its own fair share too!  Working outside certainly forces you to confront and re-evaluate your artistic ego, and paint on nature’s terms.  However, it is not without its rewards, as no two days are ever the same, there is always some subtle play of light or colour effect I long to capture, whether it’s scudding grey clouds, blushing briefly in a setting sun or the delicate harmonies of blues and greys on a rainy day.  It stands to reason that you certainly notice more the more time you spend in one place ... looking.

My work in progress is to produce pictures that reveal a freshness and energy.  But I also want to convey a sense of the longing we feel when presented with the beauty of nature, whatever the weather.'

Work currently displayed at

Oriel Fach Gallery, Solva

Upcoming exhibitions/events:

Exhibiting in ‘The Art in Faith Trail’ St Davids Cathedral and St Nicholas Church until 31 July 2017

Exhibiting at ‘Breaking out of the Gallery’ Haverfordwest until 2 September 2017

Solo Exhibition at Picton Castle, Pembrokeshire - ‘Borderlands;: 1 - 25 August 2017