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Peter Rossiter - UntitledPeter Rossiter - UntitledPeter Rossiter - Untitled

Peter Rossiter

Artist, sculptor, jeweller


Tel44 (0)1239 841 446 /

The subject matter of Peter's work is as much rooted in the natural world as it is in the art of the past.  Occasionally his pictures are completely abstract, but most are figurative - predominantly landscapes - inspired by where he lives in Wales and what he sees around him.  He says: 'If you look at my work hoping for stylistic integrity or any one single ideology you might be confused, as I pursue several different approaches simultaneously; what unites my work is a feeling for colour.'

Peter is particularly fond of the period in European art around 1900, and the work of his grandfather, Martin Bloch (1883-1954), remains a prime influence.

Self-taught as a painter, Peter aims to achieve a consistent freshness of approach.  He has recently begun making jewellery with his wife, Pam, and their work can be seen on her page on the Newport Collective website.

Work displayed at:

Newport Collective, Newport, Pembrokeshire

King Street Gallery, Carmarthen