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Sally James - ApertureSally James - Suspension : AbsolveSally James - Suspension : Static

Sally James Thomas


Fine Art printmaking & Mixed media/ Lecturer

Sally uses traditional printmaking techniques alongside photomechanical and digital methods, researched at the Edinburgh Printmakers workshop and UWE, Bristol.  Through a combination of printmaking techniques, collage and assemblage, she explores strength and presence – contrasted with concepts of the ephemeral and disintegration.

Natural and synthetic shapes, forms and textures are integrated in her work, and simulated by the exploration of materials.  The physical process of making is as important as the finished work – scratching, gouging, tearing, melting and pouring.  Her strong interest in geology is linked with the compression element necessary for printmaking.  Living, working and engaging with the coast continually influences colour, texture and subject.

Sally is also a lecturer in Fine Art printmaking and design at Pembrokeshire College.

Work displayed at:

Martin Tinney Gallery, Cardiff