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Ilona DavidIlona DavidIlona David

Ilona David


9 Windy Hall
SA65 9DP

Tel44 (0)1348 875 304 / 44 (0)7971 821 404 (text preferred) (UTube video link)

The images in Ilona's work are drawn from an interior world.  They seek to give expression to feelings that she cannot express in words.

Blue has been a dominant colour for the past few years.  However, Ilona is now moving into a rose phase - the result of a new-found optimism not seen in her earlier work.

The figure of the Bride features in many of her paintings, spurred by a fascination with the veil.  Ilona says: 'I grew up with nuns who 'took the veil'.  They lived apart from the world - and, as a painter, I also live "apart" from the world, and the veil is a symbol of that self-imposed isolation'.

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