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Iain Watson - Blood Red Sky (2)Iain Watson - EmergingIain Watson - Phoenix

Iain Watson


St Davids
SA62 6DP

Tel44 (0)7950 11 3430

Most of Iain's inspiration comes from the Sun, and all his work is a reflection of the inner journey.  His whole life is dedicated to inner alchemy and transformation, so when he sits down to paint he rarely has any idea what he is going to do.

Iain says: 'It never starts with an image in the mind, more with an empty mind.  Then what happens creates itself using my hands and is always a surprise.  What’s created (hopefully) is both personal and universal in nature, that point which we all meet and are one, the inner blank sheet or canvas which we create our lives from.'

Work displayed at:

GX Corporate Gallery, London (Corporate section only - to be confirmed).