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Darren Yeadon

Quay Road
SA64 0BS

Tel44 (0)1348 875 074 / 44 (0)789 625 0789

'I make sculptures because I believe that something has to be given back for what we take from life.'

The complex and strategic logic of nature is Darren's inspiration. He celebrates aspects of this in his interpretations and realises them in a timeless and permanent material - carved stone. His work is largely figurative, but sometimes monolithic and abstract and uses stones sourced from quarries around Europe. His favourites are Michelangelo marble from Carrara, Bluestone from the Pembrokeshire hills and sandstones from Yorkshire, where he started off his career by serving a seven-year apprenticeship as a banker mason.

Life taught Darren lessons, and he is driven to give something back by creating something new and beautiful for others to enjoy. The tradition of carving stone dates back thousands of years yet is practically unchanged in technique, and he feels honoured to be carrying on this art.


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