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Nigel Sutton - Boats at Porth ClaisNigel Sutton - Whitesands BayNigel Sutton - Yellow Cathedral

Nigel Sutton


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Oil and acrylic paintings and giclée prints.

Much of Nigel’s work is inspired by the Pembrokeshire seascape and landscape and by the ever-changing light.  He loves walking, especially on the coastal path, and no matter how many times he revisits a place he is always rewarded with new experiences to absorb and add to his paintings.

His work varies from realistic to impressionistic and surreal.  Even the realistic paintings are motivated by a desire to paint not only the appearance but also the intrinsic properties of an object or scene: its warmth, coolness, movement, stillness or mysteriousness.  Sometimes, he tries to capture moments in time, such as the last rays of the setting sun illuminating wisps of cloud, or a wave crashing against the shore and retreating again into the sea.

He always tries to bring fresh views and interpretations to even the most often-painted scenes.  For example, the paintings Yellow Cathedral and Purple Cathedral began with a question: ‘What would St. David's Cathedral look like if it were made of modern stained glass?’  To see his answer, visit the cathedral exhibition at